What We Do

Partnering with hundreds of schools each year, the Weller Center connects with young people to change behaviors and help them develop life-long healthy habits which will prevent chronic disease, reduce violence and improve the overall health, safety and well-being of children and families in our communities.
Our results-based student programs target the most pertinent health risks our children face. Programs are presented by specially-trained health educators who are masters of the topics they teach and pros at interacting with students. Wraparound programs and resources for teachers and parents ensure they have the tools to help keep the children in their lives healthy and safe.
We stay on top of the latest trends impacting the health and safety of children and teens in our region and partner with leaders in public health and education to develop and update programs to ensure they are research-based.
Although relevant content is crucial, our health educators are the centerpiece of our programming. Experts at translating complex health information into easy-to-understand concepts, Weller’s health educators connect with young people and families and create an environment where children and adults feel comfortable asking even the toughest questions. 
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