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We survey teachers and administrators at the conclusion of every program to measure instructor knowledge and the quality of the program delivery and content. Here’s what just a few of them had to say about the Weller Center:

"I have been an educator for thirty years, seven of which have been as an administrator. Some of my responsibilities have included identifying and garnering educational assemblies and programming for the students in my elementary building. I can honestly speak to the fact that the Weller Health Education Center provides phenomenal health education programs that rank among the finest. My teachers and I agree that the Weller Center's standards-driven curriculum and expert delivery provided our students with a high level of instruction that was far beyond what any classroom teacher could provide. The educators provided by the Weller Center are dedicated, well-trained, and possess a unique ability to engage very diverse groups of students." Jennifer L. Bowen, Principal, Pine Grove Area Elementary School
Pine Grove Area School District

“Weller’s health educators are experts in their fields and have developed captivating, age-specific programs that address the vital needs of students. We value our educational relationship with the Weller Health Education Center, and believe the programming enhances a school’s health education curriculum and provides a positive learning experience for each student. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Weller Center.” TK Flynn, Principal, Heights Elementary School
Wilkes-Barre Area School District

"Excellent instructors! The students especially loved exercise portion of the program. This program was much better than others I have seen!"2nd grade teacher on "Kids in Motion" "I love the fact the Weller comes in to our school and thoroughly address topics that are sometimes difficult for classroom teachers to broach. The information was accurate, thorough and age appropriate. I really appreciate how the educators take a scientific approach to topics." 5th grade teacher on "Life Begins",

"The content was presented in such kid friendly terms and hands-on ways...it was fantastic. I learned from it right along with the kids. Also having the kids get up and exercise was a definite plus." Elementary school teacher, Benton Area School District, on “6 Weeks of Healthy Habits”

"I liked many aspects of the presentation: the overall message about the dangers and awareness of bullying. I liked how it showed how anyone can be a victim of bullying . . . even people who end up being famous. And further, it was great how the presentation brought to life for the students the long-term effects of bullying on the person who is bullied." Middle school teacher, Midd-West School District on “Mean Streets”

"The material and how it was taught was completely appropriate, engaging and meaningful. The instructors were prepared and kid friendly!" 2nd grade teacher, Saucon Valley School District