Latest Installment of Parent Video Series - Just Talk: Relationship Respect

Latest Installment of Parent Video Series - Just Talk: Relationship Respect

Studies show that parents are the biggest influence on their child's decision-making. The Just Talk video series was created in 2015 by the Weller Health Education Center to encourage parents/caregivers to open a dialogue with their children about difficult subjects like substance abuse, depression and healthy relationships. With generous grant funding from the PPL Foundation and BB&T, the latest installment in the series - "Just Talk: Relationship Respect" is now available.

"It is often a challenge for parents and caregivers to find time to attend an in-person health education program or workshop at their child's school," said Weller Center President & CEO Melissa Lee. "Through the Just Talk video series, we worked with FireRock Productions to provide parents with easy digital access on their own time to the encouragement and resources they need to start these difficult conversations and guide their children safely into adulthood. In this latest installment, we confront issues like sexting, cyber bullying and abusive relationships."

"Just Talk: Relationship Respect" is available for streaming on the Weller Center's Just Talk page and has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Each video is accompanied by a variety of tips and subject matter resources for parents as well as more information about Weller Center's program offerings. Additionally, the video link will be provided to schools participating in Weller Center programs for distribution to parents.

Thank you to the PPL Foundation and BB&T for their generous support of this project.