Program Results

The Weller Center values program evaluation and continuous quality improvement.  Using pre-, post- and six-week follow-up tests, we evaluate all of our programs by measuring participants’ changes in knowledge, attitudes, and intent to change behavior based on topic-specific goals and objectives. Evaluation data from 2011-12 show that more than 70 percent of participating students walk away from our programs with a comprehensive understanding of the program’s key objectives.
During many programs, we also utilize an audience response system to anonymously ask questions about health risk behaviors and compare that information to national data. This data is critical to ensuring that our programs are current and applicable to our target audiences. School district administrators can also use the data to create or implement school policies, inform professional development of staff, create district-wide programming or initiatives, seek additional grant funding, and garner support for future surveys. 
Teachers also evaluate the competency and professionalism of our health education staff as well as the relevancy of our programming.  Summary data from 435 teacher surveys collected during the 2011-12 school year give the Weller Center’s programming an overall approval score of 3.86 of 4.0. This means over 97 percent of the time teachers strongly agreed that programming was delivered by a well-prepared and knowledgeable instructor, that students were actively engaged and that the program met expectations in all areas including curriculum support and grade appropriateness. We also ask teachers to identify their top three areas of concern for their students.  The Weller Center uses this information to create and recommend health programming that addresses the specific needs of the school districts we serve. 
For more information about the Weller Center’s program evaluation initiatives, please contact our Director of Research and Evaluation, Julie Zumas, MPH, CPH, CHES at

The Weller Center contracts with university-based Ph.D. assessment experts to assist with program research and evaluation. Contract budgets are subject to an administrative cap of 10 percent.
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