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Helping you identify risks, and influence behavior

Health Risk Behavior Surveys

Along with our traditional school-based programs, the Weller Center also partners with individual school districts to identify the specific health risks their students face and develop and implement policies and programs to address these areas of highest need. Our unique health risk behavior survey ascertains which risky behaviors students are engaging in and the age of onset of particular behaviors so that curricula and programming resources can be allotted appropriately and effectively. With the survey data, the Weller Center works side by side with school districts to customize and implement a comprehensive program to help reduce and prevent health risk behaviors.

Focus Groups

For schools wishing to glean information from students on the prevalence of and perceptions related to specific health risk behaviors we offer student focus groups. Weller’s scientifically-based focus groups are ideal for schools that wish to gather information about behaviors and motivations that are more complex than a questionnaire is likely to reveal. Through a series of well-designed questions, our focus groups can quickly and effectively provide schools with the honest and in-depth information they’re looking for from students on risky behaviors.

Curriculum Development and Train-the-Trainer

Through customized curriculum development and train-the-the trainer programs, the Weller Center gives teachers the tools they need to continue cutting-edge work in health education when our health educators can’t be on-site.
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