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lead healthy, happy, long lives.

Partnering with hundreds of schools each year, the Weller Center connects with young people to change behaviors and help them develop life-long healthy habits that will prevent chronic disease, reduce violence and improve the overall health, safety and well-being of children and families in our communities.

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Nominations for Outstanding Friend to Kids Awards

The Weller Health Education Center will be accepting nominations for the Young Achiever award to be presented at the 11th Annual Outstanding Friend to Kids event, April 9, 2015, at Lehigh County Club, Allentown.... Learn More

Weller Brings Fun Exercise Programs to Allentown School District

Weller Brings Fun Exercise Programs to Allentown School District

Rising childhood obesity rates may not be new news, but what is often overlooked is how pervasive this... Learn More

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Erin Green

Erin enjoys sharing her knowledge of health topics with children, encouraging them to live a more active, healthy lifestyle. Erin's favorite programs are the ones in which she works with young girls, helping them to learn about their bodies and some of the wonders and obstacles they may face as they mature. She works hard to create a strong connection with each child in the hopes of leaving a lasting impression on their future decisions regarding their bodies and health. Fun fact... She is also a certified Community Health Education Specialist (CHES) and a Teagascóir Choimisiúin le Rinci Gaelacha (TCRG-Certified Irish Dance Teacher).


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You are the main influence in your child's life. We can work together to help him or her make good, healthy decisions.



Sometimes it's difficult to talk to your students when you want to help. We work with you to deal effectively with today's most pressing issues.



As an administrator your responsibilities stretch beyond the school walls. Learn to be more effective with students, staff, and families.


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