About Our Great Programs

Reaching children early, before risky behaviors take hold, is critical. With our sole focus on prevention, the Weller Center offers more than 35 preventive health education programs for students in grades pre-K through 12.
Topics include healthy eating and exercise, bullying prevention and mental health, safety, addiction prevention and human growth and development.  Programs typically involve two to six 45-minute sessions which can be presented in classrooms, small group assemblies or after-school.
The Weller Center’s programs are rigorously evaluated to ensure they have a positive and lasting impact. Programs also address all learning styles and many utilize Audience Response System clickers to provide an active learning approach. Programs can also be customized for individual audiences and learning needs.
A range of program and support services is also available for schools, community organizations and parents including train-the-trainer programs, curriculum development, student health risk behavior surveys and focus groups, faculty in-services, parent workshops and online educational resources.

Reservations and Program Fees
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