Weller Center Launches Just Talk Video Series

Weller Center Launches Just Talk Video Series

If you think your child may be depressed, contemplating suicide, drinking or using drugs, the first and most important thing you can do is to come right out and ask.

Studies show that parents are the biggest influence on their child’s decision making. The Just Talk video series was created  by the Weller Health Education Center to encourage parents/caregivers to open a dialogue with their children about difficult subjects like substance abuse, depression and healthy relationships. It is often a challenge for parents/caregivers to find time to attend an in-person program or workshop at their child’s school. Through the Just Talk video series, the Weller Health Education Center aims to provide parents/caregivers with easy digital access on their own time to the encouragement and resources they need to start these difficult conversations and guide their children safely into adulthood. 

The video is available for streaming here and has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. It is accompanied by a variety of tips and subject matter resources for parents as well as more information about Weller Health Education Center’s program offerings.  The Just Talk video series was created using researched content created by Weller Health Education Center masters-level health educators in collaboration with FireRock Productions. Generous funding for Just Talk: Depression and Just Talk: Drugs was provided by

What Parents Are Saying...

Definitely attention grabbing and encourages every parent to have the conversation with their kids. I would be very interested in learning not only what to say to get the conversation started but also what not to say so my teen doesn't get defensive and shut down.

Wow. After viewing the video, I'm very much looking forward to sitting down with my middle school kids and starting some dialogue. Thank you!

A great video to help parents understand that children want the help and really just need someone to talk to.

Powerful video. Time to sit those kids down and see what's really happening in their lives. Thank you!